iRoCube F7

by TORUN Robotics

Meet iRoCube F7:
A Truly Flexible
Automation Solution

iRoCube has been developed by RobSen, a TORUN Spin-Off for robot system integration, to meet TORUN’s requirements and has become a jointly marked off-the-shelf robotic cell.

Truly Flexible Automation Solution

As a leading machining company, Torun has about 2.000 products on its machining shop floor. To manage such variety in a cost-effective and efficient way Torun requires a truly flexible automation solution. iRoCube has been developed by RobSen, a Torun Spin-Off for robot system integration, to meet Torun’s requirements and has become a jointly marked off-the-shelf robotic cell. Over the past 2 years installed iRoCube systems have loaded and unloaded over 2.5 million parts.

Eliminate the need of fixtures

The success of the iRoCube pillars on iRoVision, a machine vision software solution, which was developed after a long R&D phase and constant application to real-world challenges in a dense production environment. iRoVision makes the system flexible and eliminate the needs for hundreds of fixtures for each part – a key feature making the iRoCube system stand out from its competitors.

Fully Compatible with FANUC Systems

iRoCube combines FANUC’s two very successful products, the FANUC Robodrill and FANUC LR Mate robot arm. By using the FANUC IO Link communication protocol data transfers between the FANUC robot controller and FANUC CNC controller is very user-friendly. With this combination, iRoCube is also fully compatible with FANUC Field System for Industry 4.0 applications.
The FANUC Roboguide Robot Simulation Software is leveraging the iRoCube abilities by providing flexibility of system increases and fast setups with only little touch-ups.

Design Features and Standart Equipment

• iRoCube is mechanically and electrically fully integrated to FANUC Robodrill.
• The body frame of iRoCube has been designed as an aesthetically harmonic extension of the FANUC.
• iRoCube consists of sheet metal covers and impact resistant, transparent polycarbonate covers which allow to see the inside of the robotic cell.
• FANUC LR Mate Robot arm is driven by iRoVision, an intelligent vision system, specially developed to be highly versatile and flexible for machine tending applications.
• iRoVision’s intuitive GUI allows operators to adjust general vision settings, perform robot-camera calibration and generate handling part models with ease.
• The gripping fingers handle parts securely and are the only system component which have to be custom produced according the part to be handled.
• An easy to integrate Re-Gripping Station (included) reduces robot loading/unloading cycle times by reducing the robot path.

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