Element Of
Human, In
Its Core.

The core of TORUN’s human resources policy is the element of Human. Our aim is to use our company culture of quality, honesty, respect, leadership and collaboration values to be a distinctive company in the sector that creates a difference, increases competitive activity and is a preferred company that has achieved sustainable success.

Career Opportunities

At TORUN you are more than your job title. You are part of a successful company that invests in people living longer, healthier and better lives. We also offer a positive, rewarding environment that makes TORUN a great place to work.

If you are looking to thrive and have a continuous growth opportunity in a challenging and fast-paced environment, with rewards that make it all worthwhile, TORUN may have the job for you.

Life at TORUN

As TORUN Human Resources, our goal is to develop and execute human resources strategies that are sustainable and consistent with the TORUN company culture and values. While doing that, we offer a unique work environment for talented professionals where they will enjoy every part of life at TORUN.

Get a glimpse into life at TORUN and discover how you can help make a better business, a better world and a better you.

TORUN Academy

” As TORUN Academy, we embrace our motto “Science to Meet You” because we are an Academy of Technology and Innovation.

Here in TORUN, we live in the heart of robotic applications, metallurgical science & Industry 4.0 and we are constantly working to provide a continuous professional and personal development programs for our employees.

In TORUN Academy, we are dedicated to creating organizational competencies and skill sets that will support the implementation of TORUN’s business strategies as well as sustainable personal growth.