More Than
A Supplier.

TORUN started its journey in 2000, built around one goal; to become the most preferred strategic partner of major industrial brands while having the expert staff and latest technological abilities. Since our start, we have established ourselves as one of the leading subcontracting companies of casted, hot forged & machined items in brass, aluminum and stainless steel and we are working passionately to provide the best quality and service for our partners all around the world.


All The Services You Need, In One Place

To be a leader in the industry and to provide the best service possible, we always think of our customers’ convenience. Therefore TORUN companies are located in strategically selected areas, working in co-operation, and able to offer their customers a one-stop-shop for all the subcontracting services they need. From in-house cutting tool shop and forging die shop to assembly and coating, TORUN offers an all-around service under one roof.

With facilities spanning Europe, totaling 33.000 m2 for production and 3.300 m2 for warehousing, TORUN is capable to develop innovative and cost-cutting production & logistics solutions for its customers.


We Turn Knowledge Into Power

A new technology is being produced every day of the 21st century and both the manufacturing processes and the institutional values are being redefined. For this reason, TORUN always adopts the latest industrial developments and keep scientific curiosity to be able to change rapidly in order to stay ahead and be an industry pioneer.

Together with digitalization and autonomous control, we shape all TORUN companies according to the principles of the INDUSTRY 4.0, which points to the optimization of product development and manufacturing processes.


A Better World, For All of Us

We are sensitive to the environment. In all our business processes, adhering to the principles of sustainable development, we aim to contribute to minimizing environmental pollution and protecting of nature and environment.

We also pay attention to employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction. The happier our employees are, the more successful our work will be. We know that empathy always wins.


A profound insight into the function of the part and expectations of our customer is key to a successful cooperation. Our technical team is in a constant discussion with our customers to optimize parts and streamline production processes. With smart ideas, rooted in our R&D activities, we improve cost-effectiveness and excel in product quality.

High Precision High Quality

We carefully select the most capable machine for each part. In combination with high quality dies and cutting tools, produced in-house, we ensure that the expected high precision and quality are delivered reliably to our customers.

Cost Optimization

Continuous Improvement in all fields is our key to success. In conjunction with a high degree of automation and state-of-the-art processes are some of our steps towards a streamlined production.

Logistics Hub

We always look from our customers’ perspectives first. With warehouses at strategic locations in Europe, we are able to develop tailor-made logistic solutions, thus providing superior service while reducing cost.








Production Facilities

33.000 m2



12.000 Tons

Hatebur Hot Forging

2.000 Tons


400 Tons


10.000 Tons



ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 10002:2014

ISO 27001:2013